How To: Boil water without proper equipment

Boil water without proper equipment

This video is a demonstration of an easy way to boil water while camping. Simply take a plastic bottle, fill it to the top with no space for air, close the bottle, start a fire and place the bottle in the fire. Since there is no air in the bottle it won't melt. After a couple minutes you will have boiling water. Careful removing the bottle from the fire.

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I tried this and it did not work. It melted the plastic, and yes there was no air in the bottle.

What on earth does air have to do with melting the bottle? If the bottle does not melt it's because the water absorbs the heat faster than the plastic can heat up. This principle is easy to demonstrate by putting water in a paper cup and placing the paper cup + water on a gas burner (medium flame): the water in the cup will heat up and the paper cup will not catch on fire!

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