How To: Remove Maggots from Your Eyeball

Remove Maggots from Your Eyeball

While maggots living in human eyeballs isn't necessarily a problem in the states, it could happen to you one day if a fly decides your warm eyeball is a suitable place for its larvae. If this rare event should happen, before you start gouging your eyeball out, remember this trick from National Geographic explorer and engineer Albert Lin and everything will be okay.

Place raw meat over top of your eye—it will attract all of the maggots. Once all of the maggots have left their comfy eye home for their delicious raw meat, remove the animal's flesh and you'll be fine. Just don't eat the meat afterward.

Lin got this advice from Mongolian nomads, who frequently come across this problem in the Mongolian steppe where flies fly rampant.

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good to know..albeit sickening. lol. who woulda thunk flies would do that? yuck.

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