How To: Tie a 6 Lead by 7 Bight Knot on the Turks Head Tool

Tie a 6 Lead by 7 Bight Knot on the Turks Head Tool

These short videos show how to tie a 6 Lead by 7 Bight Turks Head on the Turks Head Tool. These videos introduce the Turks Head Tool, the Turks Head Cookbook recipe format, and some basic methods that may be used to tie Turks head knots.

First, some terminology: Leads - Bights - Single - Doubled - Tripled.

To briefly illustrate some basic terms, I will describe three Turks heads. They are all five-bight by three-lead knots. One is a simple but complete knot. Another has been doubled, and another has been tripled.

First, get an introduction to the Turks Head Tool. This particular tool has a band of tape upon which the PINs have been written for clarity. Next, prepare the cord on the Turks Head Tool. Start with about 2M of 1.6mm nylon cord. The ends of the cord have been melted with a flame and made into a point for use with the threaded needle. Set a slipknot on the back of the index hole and put the needle onto the end of the cord.

Then, get an introduction to the Turks Head Recipe, showing surface pattern, progression from pin one to four, etc., and over and under crossings as we go. The Turks Head Cookbook has hundreds more of these recipes for different Turks head knots.

Now, tie the knot on the tool. Then, complete the knot on the tool. You will put in the last two passes and then double one pass to hold the knot's integrity. Next, remove the slip knot from the back of the tool, lift the bights over the bottom pins, and remove the knot. Tighten the Turks head, double it, then tighten it even more.

Part 1

Part 2

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Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

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