How To: Build a rocket stove

Build a rocket stove

The rocket stove, invented by Dr. Larry Winiarski, was developed to require much less cooking fuel than a traditional stove. The rocket stove also emits less dangerously, as most of the energy burned turns into heat. To build this rocket stove, you will need sheet metal or a 5 litre metal can, clay, water, sawdust, a wooden mold, a clay brick, vermiculite or perlite, and cement. Learn how to build a rocket stove by watching this video tutorial.

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a well made easy to understand video. well done and bless you. these simple designs are very useful and can be taught to/used to help families /individuals living in extremely poverty stricken rural areas of countries in the lower end of the 3rd world scale.
A noble venture.

great post, congratulations!
keep working !
best of luck !

I am living in a village, in the third corner of third world.Here we burn wood in our houses for cooking and heating purposes.we are worried about smoke ,spread in our rooms.

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