How To: Cook bacon and eggs in a paper bag

Cook bacon and eggs in a paper bag

It is very simple to cook. First you take one paper bag and bacon and eggs. Then keep the bacon in the bag and keep eggs in a normal water bottle to freeze it. After that you can keep both the bacon and eggs in the paper bag. Then put the bag onto a stick. The bag should stay over the heat with the help of the stick. This process should continue for 7-8 minutes. Then you are ready to eat bacon and eggs.

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These directions are not complete....they make no sense. How does the paper bag not start on fire??? Please be more specific

The inside of the bag can't get hotter than boiling until the water in the eggs is evaporated. Bags are thin, so the outside can't get much hotter than the inside.

Try popping a water balloon with the flame of a match.

I first saw this demonstrated on tv by a lady in Southern California during the North Ridge earthquake. I have successfully done this same thing with my grandchildren while camping for fun.

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