How To: Cook under a tarp in rain

Cook under a tarp in rain

This is a video about shelter cooking. We are shown how people who are hammock camping in the rain are able to cook under their tarp. This is important because you have to have some way to cook under your shelter when it rains, and there's no way you can have a fire under there without getting smoked out. It makes life easier if you can set up a stove inside your shelter to cook on. We are shown two ways to do this, and both systems work well. One way is to use an alcohol stove. You can make this by punching holes in the top of an air rifle ammunition can, with a piece of cotton rope curled up inside so the alcohol doesn't spill. A more convenient and less-fuss system is to use a wax-impregnated ball of cotton. This can sit outside in the rain all night and still light right up, and it burns longer than the alcohol stove.

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