How To: Do useful survival knots

Do useful survival knots

In this tutorial, we learn how to do useful survival knots. To make the sheet bend knot, you will join two different ropes together. First, make two loops, one on each end of the separate ropes. Next, take one of the ends and insert it into the other. After this, take the loose end and push it through the loops. After this, pull it tight and you have your sheet bend knot! The next knot is the bowline knot, which is a secure loop knot. First, make a loop in the rope, then take the smaller end and put it through the loop. Next, pull it up and bring the end around the longer end and back through the original loop. Pull this tight and you will have your finished bowline knot. Any of these can come in handy no matter if you are in the wild or at home!

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