How To: Make a figure four deadfall trap

Make a figure four deadfall trap

See how to make a figure four deadfall trap. This is a great survival trap that can be easily constructed (with practice) out of very basic materials that in most environments can be easily found. The trap can also be made with very limited, or primative tools.

This trap is a very handy bushcraft skill that must be practiced.

In the event you get lost in the wilderness with no immediate rescue, this trap can provide a temporary food source by catching squirrel, catching chipmunk, catching mice, catching rats, catching small rodents, catching birds, and catching small animals.

You can make the trap with only a small multi tool, a rock, and a small sapling. For bait, use a small amount of peanut butter, chocolate, cheese, and even tooth paste can be used.

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One of the few videos that really covers the figure-4 from beginning to end. Thanks for being very thorough and complete!

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