How To: Make fire without matches using a tinder bundle

Make fire without matches using a tinder bundle

This video demonstrates how to build a fire without using matches. For this, you will need the following: sticks, a leaf, and a tinder bundle. You will need to prepare your tinder bundle in advance. You will also need to prepare 2 sticks. One will need to be in the form of a hand drill spindle. The other should be a fireboard, with a notch in it already. Place the leaf on the ground. Place your fireboard on top of it. Place the drill spindle in the notch. Place one foot on the fireboard to stabilize it. Begin rubbing your hands back and forth, with the drill spindle between them, while it rests in the notch on the fireboard. It will begin to smoke. When it does, begin fanning it. Place the resulting smoking coal on the tinder bundle. Blow on it, until it become engulfed in flames.

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