How To: Make a solar charging bag

Make a solar charging bag

Sometimes it's more than just inconvenient when your electronics lose power. Sometimes, losing power could be dangerous. Never worry about a dead cell phone again! Charge your portable electronics by harnessing the power of the sun.

You Will Need

*Solar-powered garden lights
*A flat-head screwdriver
*A Phillips-head screwdriver
*Wire cutters
*A wire stripper
*A voltage meter
*A diode
*Soldering materials
*A spare USB cord for your device
*A messenger bag or satchel
*Clear plastic vinyl
*Sewing materials
*Hot glue (optional)
*A piece of cardboard (optional)

Step 1: Remove the solar panel

Step 2: Test the voltage

Step 3: Add more solar panels

Step 4: Add a diode

Step 5: Add the USB cord

Step 6: Solder the USB cord

Step 7: Sew the vinyl

Step 8: Add the solar panels

Fact: In 2008, an unmanned plane flew nonstop for 82 hours, 37 minutes, powered entirely by solar energy.

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