How To: Make a spear for hunting in the wild

Make a spear for hunting in the wild

This is a method for making a native American free point spear using a bamboo stick, bamboo strips and some commonly found items. First take a sea shell and make a hole in it. Make the hole using a pointed stone and pierce an opening in the shell. Make the hole such that the shell fits the bamboo. Now the bamboo has to be split in half and for this you have to find a common stone which has a sharp edge on one side to split the bamboo. This is a common stone found anywhere. Now you have to take a thinner stick for the fore-shaft with a bone attached on one side and slide it in the bamboo. Reinforce the fore-shaft with thin bamboo strips so that the fore-shaft is held tightly in the bamboo. Move the shell to a position such that the bamboo and fore-shaft assembly is held tightly. The spear body is now made. It is strong and no part is loose. Now the spear-point is to be made. For this the demonstrator uses parts from a sand dollar. There are sharp objects which look like little fish. This is attached to the spear head using a string and the string is held tight at the other end. The spear is now ready.

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