How To: Make a survival bush bow and arrow

Make a survival bush bow and arrow

Watch this how-to on making a survival bow and arrow using material you can find in any wooded area. Start with a branch and avoid dulling the knife by going around the piece and making cuts and grooves. For the arrow, use a hardwood. To learn more, check out the video!
NOTE: Before cutting the arrow in half,bind it just below where you are going to stop cutting so the arrow does not split too far.


i haven't seen it but i want to its still loading

haha, #$%@ing gay fatass yankees, that arrow wouldnt pierce a rotten pumpkin, as for the bow itself i'd say one of my min slingshots made out of two spikes would pack more power!

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thats nice dude dont care!:D i will make one like that :D:D

i found the best way to get through those survivel situations is get a job..then i went to the shop and bought food.. works good for me.

this video lied he said he is gonna use the forest to build a bow theres no 5-50 cord he needs to redo this video again to find out what to use as a replacement cord

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