How To: Start a fire using flint and birch bark

Start a fire using flint and birch bark

If you're camping or stuck out in the middle of nowhere, chances are, you could be faced with dark and freezing cold nights. Learn how to make a simple camp fire out of flint and birch bark. This is for in case you do not have a lighter on you at any given time. To start the fire, you're going to need some bark from a birch bark tree. You're also going to need a flint and a paper napkin as well. After you've gathered the proper materials, just look for a barren spot on the ground, place your shredded birch on top of a ripped up napkin, add some twigs and branches and try to get a spark using your flint. The fire will burn for a long period of time, as birch is quite flammable. This is an Excellent survival tip that anyone can use.

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