How To: Start a fire using a hand drill

Start a fire using a hand drill

This video explains how to start a fire without matches through the use of a hand drill. To start the fire, the process consists of the use of a straight stick or weed such as goldenrod to be used as a hand drill. Hold the stick between both hands while holding it against a piece of wood which has a notch along the side. Press the hand drill stick against the wood near the notch and proceed to roll the stick between both hands. This action will result in the production of heated ash which will spill from the notch. Place a leaf beneath the piece of wood to catch the ash. Once enough hot ash is accumulated, transfer the ash to a bundle of dried tinder such as tree bark. Gently blow upon the smoldering ash to encourage the embers to ignite the tinder. While blowing, hold the bundle of tinder with the ash contained within the middle of the bundle. This process will produce sums of smoke, and eventually will ignite the bundle of tinder.

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