How To: Start a fire with the "fire saw" friction method

Start a fire with the "fire saw" friction method

This video illustrate us how to start a fire with the "fire saw" friction method. Here are the following steps:

Step 1: First of all take the bark of bamboo or any other tree keeping in mind that the bark should be intact and that it is completely dry.

Step 2: Now take any sharp object and shave of the bark of the bamboo so that you get wood shavings.

Step 3: Take another piece of bark and dig two holes in the bark,keep aside.

Step 4: Now take the wood shavings and fix these in the holes created on the other bark, lay this on the ground

Step 5: Now hold the bark near your diaphragm and rub this against the bark on the ground and after some frictional force you will observe ignition and through this lit all the other wood shavings.

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