How To: Survive a knife attack from behind

Survive a knife attack from behind

This video details how to survive a knife threat from behind. When threatened from behind with a knife, do not attempt to move the body first, this will result in the attacker maintaining the capability to thrust the knife into the body. When threatened, place arms out and low in a submissive position, this is to be followed by moving the left arm backward in a sweeping motion to push aside the arm which is holding the knife. Once the arm is moved, turn the body and bring the elbow up into an attacking position, delivering a blow to the attacker's face, while doing this, seize the attacker's arm and maintain control of it while conducting additional strikes until the attacker is subdued. If the knife threat is made, without the knife contacting the back, it is advised to move back until the knife is felt, then conduct the defensive procedure once the knife's location is determined. After defending, do what must be done to get away.

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