How To: Tie a 7x5 Turks Head knot

Tie a 7x5 Turks Head knot

In order to tie a 7 x 5 Turks Head Knot, you will need to begin by draping the rope or twine over the fingers of your outstretched hand. Fold your pink down, leaving your three fingers outstretched. Catch the string in front and hold it with your pinky. Now, grab the twine from the back and wrap it once around your fingers, making an X. Wrap it around again. Wrap it a 3rd time around the three fingers. Now, hold it with your pinky. Next, run you twine through the first loop that you made. Wrap it around. Now, slip it under the 3rd loop. Now, slip it under the second loop. Now, weave it in the front and back, by taking it over and under. Catch the final two sections and weave through them.

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