How To: Tie the "Asheley's flower knot" flower knot variation

Tie the "Asheley's flower knot" flower knot variation

In this how-to video from the TyingItAllTogether Channel, learn how to tie Clifford W. Ashley's flower knot. Ashley is the author and illustrator of a book he wrote about tying various types knots, including ones that he created himself. In his book, Ashley shows how to tie this knot, but does not show in his illustrations how to actually hold and tie the knot in one's hand. This video tutorial seeks to clarify those steps. You will need to begin with a piece of rope folding it in half to effectively create a loop. Hold one strand of this loop with your right hand to create a second loop that will be laced into the first loop. With the left strand, fold it around the first loop to create your first petal. Repeat this step to create a second petal. The third petal is created with a third loop that will get pushed through the first two loops. With a series of wraps and additional loops a center, which is actually the knot holding everything together, will be created.

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