How To: Tie the caterpillar sinnet

Tie the caterpillar sinnet

Learn tot tie the caterpillar sinnet with this video tutorial. 1. To start the sinnet, place rope in hands with one piece in your left hand and the other in your right. 2. With the rope piece in your right hand, create a loop with the top of the loop being the piece from your left hand. 3. Take the piece of rope in your right hand and slip a small piece of rope through the loop. 4. Gently pull the rope in your left hand tight. This will have created a new loop and link below it. 5. To create another loop, place another piece of rope from the right hand through the loop and pull the piece in your right hand tight. 6. Continue until you reach your desired length of sinnet. 7. Pull the remaining length of rope in your right hand through the loop and pull the length in your left hand. This will terminate any future loops.

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