How To: Tie the Etyszkiety knot

Tie the Etyszkiety knot

Tying It All Together presents a video on the Etyszkiety knot, a decorative Polish knot worn by mounted brands. This knot also has connections to other cultures, where it is called the prosperity or the prolong knot.

1) Make a u-shaped bend in the middle of the rope. I will refer to the left side of this bend as the left rope, and the right side as the right loop.
2) Make a loop on the left side.
3) Take the right side and place it on top of the loop. Pinch together the right rope and the loop.
4) Pull the right side underneath the left side.
5) Take the middle of the right rope, and pull it over the bend, up through the loop, over the right rope. and back down through the loop.
6) Pull the right rope through so only one strand is present in the last step. This is the first half of the knot.
7) There will now be two symmetric loops on the left and right sides of the knot. These will be referred to as the left and right loops. Pull rope through to enlarge both these loops, then pull them downward to prepare for the second half of the knot.
8) Twist each loop clockwise and put the right loop over the left loop.
9) Place the right rope between the two loops, then pull the left loop down through the right loop so that the right rope is caught.
10) The left rope now has a path under and over both loops and the right rope.
11) Straighten the knot - you're done!

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