How To: Tie a single-strand ringbolt hitch

Tie a single-strand ringbolt hitch

JD of Tying it all together, is the instructor. He has many instructional knot tying videos. This particular video is focused on tying a single strand ringbolt hitch, A.K.A. Coxcombing. This was a common knot used by sailors to decorate items and parts of their ship. However, actually creating this tie is much easier said than done.

1: Take three lines for making the coxcomb, about 4 times the circumference of the final product. You'll need extra to allow for small errors

2: Tie them into an overhand knot

3: Move the knotted end to the top and then work with a constrictor knot

4: Take any one of your knots and make a half-hitch or single hitch. It doesn't matter which direction.

4: Take any of the three and make a half-hitch or single hitch as shown... the direction is unimportant.

5: Bring your next line over the first and make a half-hitch in the opposite direction.

6: Make a half-hitch with the last line opposite of the last one you did.

7: Fair the hitches as you go

8: Make a half-hitch with the furthest line.

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great video but can someone tell me who's music

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