How To: Use a can opener on your Swiss Army knife

Use a can opener on your Swiss Army knife

This video shows you how to use a can opener, like the ones found on Swiss Army knives. There's also a strange fruit in this video, something called lychees. So, if you're ever in need of opening a can of lychees in the woods, this is the video to watch.

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Dude- did you really have to take 6 minutes?!

do you have to explain EVERYTHING?

Man, PLEASE watch the last video on using a Swiss army knife to open a can because YOU ARE USING IT COMPLETELY BACKWARDS. If you're gonna tell someone how to do something you should REALY learn how to do it yourself.

I don't know why you 3 are giving this guy such a ration o/crap...he didn't necessarily do anything wrong. Granted there are those who could illustrate how to do this in less time, however there are plenty of people who will retain knowledge better if it's presented in more than 1 way. Ex: some are visual learners, some are "hands-on" learners, some can learn just by reading, some by hearing & then there's the majority o/ppl who learn best w/a combination o/those methods. While the info regarding the contents o/the can he was opening was not necessary for the specific task, it's really not that big o/a deal.

As for him using this tool "backwards" I am inclined to disagree as this works in BOTH directions. Just to confirm, I used both methods (opening a can o/tuna in a clockwise direction & a different can o/tuna in a counter-clockwise direction) to see what the fuss was about & noticed very little difference. Both methods worked & produced the same gnarly-wicked serrated edges (for the lid & inside lip o/can), both made some "scratches" on the inside o/the can wall, & both required the same amount o/effort. The only actual difference I noticed was that in opening the can going in a counter-clockwise direction (i.e. opposite o/this video), it caused the wall o/the can to warp more as it was less stable to use the outside lip as a piviot point. Even w/that small difference, both o/these methods are easier for opening a can than the tiny P38 keys...mostly due to the extra leverage, but also b/c there's less effort required (especially on the thumb!).

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