How To: Use dandelion tinder to make a fire

Use dandelion tinder to make a fire

Need to make a survival fire, but don't have any matches and your lighter is out of fluid. Fear not, this how-to video can help. An empty flintwheel lighter can save the day when you need a fire. Dandelion seed puffs can be the perfect tinder for your spark. Watch this video tutorial to see how it works & learn a great survival tip.

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Another great survival vid

might seem pretty obvious.. but when you're cold and hungry obvious is not always enough. good vid.

thats good if you ran out of lighter fluid :)

good vid

too nice man!!

you could of just burnt the leaves without the dandelion

Also good for "flash tinder", depending on season: Nettle down (in Minnesota, August-ish), and milkweed (November-December). Cattail fluff is harder to use but might work if it gets a lot of wind.

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