How To: Use pitch tinder

Use pitch tinder

John Campbell shows us how to use pitch wood to create a fire. This is a good method to use when you have dead pine trees available. Pitch wood can be found in the first three to six inches of a branch of the dead pine tree. This area is covered with pine resin. You want to pick a branch on the dead tree, then cut this branch off from the main trunk. The area closest to the trunk should be soaked with the resin. Next, split the branch in half. Using one half, scrape off a bit of the tinder using a knife. To do this, hold the knife perpendicular and scrap the end of the branch with the most resin onto a pile of dry kindling, to get shavings. Using a flint or a match, light the shavings. Add more tinder (resin-filled pine scrapes) to keep the fire going. Add the rest of your branch, in cut up pieces, so that the fire will burn for a long time.

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