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Yankee ingenuity is a trait we hold in the highest regard here at Wonderhowto. So imagine our delight in sharing Afrigadget, whose tagline is: "solving everyday problems with African ingenuity".  

Bending scrap wire into clever and functional toys is but one hallmark of any resourceful Botswana six-year-old. The complete lack of modern material goods nurtures an imagination that would shame some of America's best inventors, scientists, artists, doctors, auto mechanics, survivalists - you name it.

Remarkable resourcefulness. A few examples below, click through to view an abundance of incredible projects.

See-thru working wire radio
Manual tooth mold for dentistry
Homemade robot
DIY stove speeds up combustion by adding an electric fan
Homemade helicopter
Coconut + zipper = handbag

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Wow, the level of ingenuity is remarkable. That radio has an artistic vibe about it.

wow O.O a robot and a helicopter really

too bad the helicopter couldnt exactly take off.

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