News: Make fire with a condom

Make fire with a condom

Make fire with a condom Condom + Water = Fire

Kinda. This is a quick 'survivalist' technique for makeshift solar fire-starting. Harness the power of sun. And at the same time you can make use of all those condoms* laying around.

*Recycling scumbags is either gross or eco friendly. We are not sure ourselves.

Inflate the condom and fill with water. Use a basic one. Ribbing and neon colors make a true survivalist look silly and may interfere with fire-starting.

The inflated and water-filled condom now functions as a magnifying lens, focusing the sun's ray onto the kindling. Combustion should come fairly quickly.

Not sold on the fire-starting powers? Don't worry. We were skeptical, too. That was until Mike showed us an article on the recall of Hallmark plastic snow globes due to their proclivity for arson.

Please perform away from combustibles such as gas tanks, hay fields and Southern California.

Make fire with a condom

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haha that is genius!

Oooh, I will so remember that one!

yep it was good man :)


total macgyver action right there

Fake Bull#$%@.

yea but who is stranded alone during the day? IF its day time you should be finding a way out, or from being stranded instead of worrying about making a fire lol slap yourself.

The water in the condom enables the whole thing to become like a convex lens. Light rays pass through it and focus towards the center, creating a heat point. Cool, had no idea you could do it with that.

Amazing! You should check out 'THE ANARCHIST COOKBOOK' for similar experiments

WTF! ok ....that was cool.

i no how... put it on and hop in bed :3

ya lets waste our water source and make a fire with a condom we randomly have instead of flint

Lots of men carry condoms in their wallets, not many carry flints. Also nothing is wrong with the water after you put it in the condom save possibly having a water based lubricant in it but if a woman can stomach it i'm sure a guy can.

actually not many carry them in there waletts anymore because they wear out inside the wallet and become useless

aint that some s**t

overrated crap, use a magnifying glass for better results than a condom could ever give you. so all it takes to get a top video on here is condom and fire, lame.

ok. so just in case you get stranded in the woods with your beautiful honey, in stead of saying, "Hey let's go have some 'fun'." you decide to make a water ballon out of a condom. genius. i'm just kidding. i'd rather make a fire to keep warm than get it on!

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