News: AA battery + staple = fire

AA battery + staple = fire

Creator Funditor claims right off the bat that this survival tip could save your life. We think that's slightly dramatic, but it shouldn't take away from his video's utility.

The strategy is simple: use the electric charge of the battery and the conductivity of the staple to spark tinder.

So, next time you're lost in the woods (or in a bar looking to light a smoke in a new fashion) try this one out.

Make a survival fire from a battery and staple

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For additional pyrotechnique stuff one can throw the battery into the flames, wahahahahaha!


mm then the fire goes out and you screwed lol

Brilliant too!

If you have a knife, battery, staple and envelope then chances are you are the sort of person to have a lighter and/or box of matches handy.. surely !!

yeah im sure you could use something other then a staple too. Most people carry a small utility knife just because but i do see what you mean about the battery. I would imagine that you would get the battery from some electronic device you had on you

wonderful. However....the gingerpuss has a point....are there found objects we can use?

little bit OK, is there something more?

Nice! I can make fire with my mind! LOL Just kiddin nice video

Why don't you just use a match?

dude, why did you do it off camera. this is fake.

no it totally works
i just did it

That is great! so I'll take my boss' schedule with me next time I go camping, thenuse the staple, & burn the schedule!

fake you cant even see it

done that before


Very useful info. Thanks.


awesome! I will always remember to keep a battery in my car, oh and a paper clip... ;)

it's not fake lol... the current passing through the small amount of metal in the staple causes it to heat up. a 9 volt battery and steel wool works really good too. just put both terminals into the wool then put wool in your tinder bundle.

hmmm or i can take the zippo out of my pocket use it till its dry then do that to light mt cigarettes cheaper than buying a good lighter i guess

actually batteries are more expensive, especially just to mutilate one

Batteries are more expensive. Just buy a basic BIC lighter or whatever.

do you have to use steel wool?? or can you use something like a cotton ball?

you need steel wool. the fact that its metal fibers make it conductive and thats what gets hot and starts the tinder on fire. i cotton ball wont work because its just cotton fiber in a ball rather than metal fibers in a ball.

you can do this, then touch the staple to steel wool, to make a fire also.

just wondering how this works when it seems its only connected to the negative? Wouldn't it need both terminals as in the 9v with steel wool?

no, it makes a spark because your under the negative partly inside the battery and then your touching the top of the negative. it would be the same as taping a piece of wire to each end and passing the wires by each other to create a spark.

i try it at home and it doesent work dude

i never knew a battery and a staple could save my life...

I'm gonna try it xD. looks great ty anyway

Does this work with a triple a battery? Because i never seem to use those....

must try that !!

Pretty cool for only 1.5v battery. If it doesn't it's only because you used a weak battery. Yeh!, It will work even faster with a 9v but it can also explode if your not careful. The 1.5v is a good idea. Keep one in your pocked.

jury still out on that one, for me

carefull doing that if ur battery has mercury inside of it, u dont want that touching ur skin. Nice video though.

Good Job ! hope it helps me to make a forest fire lol =PP

Please be careful. I used my giger counter and found out that the radiation emitted from the battery jumped up to unacceptable levels that could potentially be dangerous. I think it's called fission or maybe it fusion. I get them confused. Notice that he had to do it in the cold. Because it's cold fusion!

haha a MacGyverism!

its nice i really wonder on you

UH OH what happens with a d battery?

simple, clear, to the point, effective!

Lawerlz, A Pyro maniacs Dream lol

im sure a paper clips a u shape any way

This works Great !

Direct and effective with no bull, or match.

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