HowTo: Drink Your Own Pee (Safely)

Drink Your Own Pee (Safely)

For my sake, for your sake, for everyone's sake: I hope it never comes to this, but you never know. Dire times call for dire measures.

HowTo: Drink Your Own Pee (Safely) Robert Xyster, an Iraq war vet and survivalist instructor, explains the why and how behind urine consumption:

"It's called Urophagia -- the art of consuming urine. There could be any number of reasons for having the desire to drink your own urine (or somebody else's).

There's the so-called term 'urine therapy,' which uses human urine as an alternative medicine. In urine therapy, or uropathy, it's used therapeutically for various health, healing, and cosmetic purposes. There's also those people who drink urine as sexual stimulation, where they want to share every part of each other.

And then there's the ones stranded, shipwrecked, in the desert, or the harsh wilderness without a supply of drinking water."

Eeek! I'm just going to assume that everyone reading this article is interested for the latter reason- survival. But hey, to each their own.

Read now: How To Purify Urine for Drinking with an Emergency Solar Still.

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"Mmmm baby let me drink your pee..."

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