How To: Make a figure four deadfall trap for wilderness skills

Make a figure four deadfall trap for wilderness skills

Learn how to make a Figure Four Deadfall trap- Wilderness Survival Skills, demonstrated by Paul Scheiter of Hedgehog Leatheworks. Learn how to survive in the wild. You never know when you'll be stranded on a desert island, lost in the deep woods, or be a contender for Survival, the TV show. This series of videos, by Hedgehog Leatherworks, brings you the basics in outdoor survival. Wilderness survival skills include fire starting, deadfall traps, primitive fishing, making jerky, rope & cordage skills, and more. For the outdoor enthusiasts, enjoy this video on making a figure four deadfall trap to improve your wilderness survival skills. Search Hedgehog Leatherworks on WonderHowTo for more great survivalist videos.

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The figure4 deadfall trap shown by Paul Scheiter of Hedgehog Leatheworks must be the most useless demonstration I have ever seen. The barrier is shown being built stick by stick when an explanation would have sufficed, and NOTHING on the most important piece which is the trigger mechanism! It is shown being set but not HOW! Incredible, literally.

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