How To: Start a fire with a battery and a staple

Start a fire with a battery and a staple

This young fellow demonstrates how to start a fire using a battery and a staple. He suggest you begin with a staple or any thin wire, a AA battery and a knife. On the negative terminal of the battery, he cuts off a piece of the insulation by following the small ring on the battery. Pay attention to the small ring between the top of the terminal and the casing. Look for the gap that has some paper material and pry that up. Insert the staple below the paper into the gap. As you move the staple, it will begin to spark. Use some char cloth or other tender to start your fire. Another variation is to use the inside parts of a Bic lighter, removing the battery with the controlled short. Use the small metal clip found in the lighter to slide over the short. Be careful, because if not held the right way you could get a shock. This devise can be stored by wrapping electrical tape around it. Put it in your survival kit for future use.

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