How To: Make a fire with binoculars

Make a fire with binoculars

Colhane teaches us to prepare a pair of binoculars to make fire. If you prepare in advance it is much easier.

1. Get a pair of binoculars that has removable lenses.
2. Make a tinder ball out of grass. Make sure to grind the grass around to expose the fibers.
3. Take some jute twine and pull it apart to make it into a fluffy ball. Place the jute fluff inside of the timber ball.
4. Place some char cloth on top of the jute fluff.
5. Use the lens from the binoculars to direct a beam of sunlight onto the char cloth. When it begins to smoke, blow into the timber ball until a fire erupts.

Notes: Before going out into the bush, make sure you have tested this technique with your own supplies at home.

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