How To: Do a bow drill friction-fire method to start a fire

Do a bow drill friction-fire method to start a fire

This video demonstrates how to build a fire with a bow drill. Your bow should be slightly curved. It should be the length of your arm. It can be fashioned from a tree limb and rawhide cord. You can use any number of types of cord. You will need a top rock. You will need a board. The board must be dry and dead. You will need a spindle. It should be the same type of wood as your board. You will also need a tinder bundle. Wind your spindle in the bow. Keep the spindle on the outside of the bow. Get into position. Put your non-dominant foot near the hold on the board. Hold it firmly to the ground with your foot. Hold the bow down with the top rock. You will need a coal catcher: something to carry your coal to the tinder bundle when it ignites. Pull the bow back and forth until there is smoke and coal. Fan it. Place the coal inside your tinder bundle. Blow on it gently, until there is a flame.

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