How to Tie the triple goddess knot

Learn to tie the triple goddess knot with this video tutorial. First you will need a nice size piece of string. Make a small loop with one side of the string close to the middle. Second, make a second loop with the other side of the string close to the middle. Third,cross the right hanging part of the string over the left string to form a small circle under and between the two bigger loops. Insert the end of the left string into the underside of the left loop to form a split loop. Do the same with the other end of the string putting it through the topside of the loop forming another split loop. Tighten up the two top loops around the strings making the 3 bottom loops bigger. Bring the left string underneath and through the bottom middle loop and through the top of the bottom right loop creating another top left loop. Bring the right string through the bottom of the new top loop and through the top of the middle bottom loop. Pull that same string through the bottom left loop. Last but not least adjust the knot until it is tight and firm.

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