How To: Make a soda can stove

Make a soda can stove

With tips from this video, make a soda can stove. First, cut the bottom off. Poke holes with a knife into the side of the lid. Make a piece for the inside of the stove.

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That's pretty sweet, looks like it works very well. But the only problem I see with it, is in a survival situation, you probably won't have rubbing alcohol. Though you don't have to make it just in a survival situation.

I wonder what else could be used to heat it up besides alcohol, that you might have if you get lost in the woods or something?

For boy scouts, I made a coffee tin stove once. I think what I did was take a long strip of cardboard, and roll it up to fit inside of either a small tuna fish type can, or half a pop can, and soak the cardboard in wax. Then put some holes around the edge (much like you did), and put it inside a coffee tin. Then, to let air get into the coffee tin, poke a few holes in the middle of the coffee tin. It burned for about 40 minutes, I made some hot chocolate on it. Mmmm..

great story. thanks for the info man!

maybe use animal fat?

Good one,when out fishing i enjoy a cupa

this is excellent for my experiements with saltpeter! i don't have to worry about ruining stoves or hunting for old grills anymore ^.^ thanks a ton!

next time i go camping I'm taking a coke can

30 ml of alcohol how many hrs or mins when using that??


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